Welcome to the EP LOYALTY CLUB

Earn reward points on every purchase. Redeem for discounts on future purchases.

4 Different Tiers

Bronze Tier: Begin your loyalty journey here

Silver Tier: Reach 40,000 points

Gold Tier: Reach 100,000 points

Diamond Tier: Reach 225,000 points

Progressive Tier Based Points

Earn more points per dollar spent as you become a higher tier loyalty member.

The points you accumulate toward a new tier are LIFETIME and will NOT reset every year.

Tiers; Bronze Silver, Gold, Diamond

Point Redemption

10% Off Coupon = 2,500 pts

15% Off Coupon = 4,500 pts

$50 Gift Card = 7,500 pts

Free B-Ball Jersey = 13,000 pts

Free Baseball Jersey = 14,000 pts

Free Hockey Jersey = 21,000 pts

Custom 1/1 Jersey = 100,000 pts

Tier Entry Bonuses

Earn bonus rewards when you enter a new tier.

Silver Tier: $110 Gift Card

Gold Tier: Free Jersey

Diamond Tier: 1/1 Custom + $250 Gift Card